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for those of you who are wondering: i’m not posting as much as i used to, because wordpress is giving me a hard time. the whole back end of this blog is terribly slow! if you have any suggestions about how i could fix this, please leave them below.

back to more interesting stuff… i just found out that Dutch Profiles uploaded a new video on their youtube channel about dutch designer Christien Meindertsma, who you may know from her PIG 05049 book that i blogged about here. for the record, the book itself is designed by Julie Joliat. enjoy!

one of the most noted books is pig 05049 by Christien Meindertsma. Christien Meindertsma has spent three years researching all products made of a single pig. we are all familiar with products as meat, paint brushes and dog food, but Meindertsma also examines less obvious products: ammunition, photo paper, chewing gum, cosmetics and even bio diesel. her efforts were rewarded with a dutch design award in 2008.

about the book

with the very distinctive ear tag in the spine, the book really stands out. in the opening pages of the book (designed by swiss graphic designer Julie Joliat, who i’ve mentioned earlier) there’s a pie chart that shows all the elements where a pig consists of: skin, bones, meat, internal organs, blood, fat and things that don’t fit those descriptions (filed in the category miscellaneous). the book contains photos of every product at its true scale. in the cut there are half-round milled tabs for every chapter, these tabs immediately give the reader insight into the proportion of each element.

below you can watch a video of the book, but to be honest, the book is such a unique object it belongs in every book lovers bookcase.

image and video belong to of Christien Meindertsma, you can order your copy at Christien Meindertsma

book pig 05049
author Christien Meindertsma
designer Julie Joliat
publisher FLOCKS
isbn 9789081241311
price 38.50 euro
pages 416 pg, 140 x 196 mm
text dutch & english

for me choosing a new organizer is always a bit of a battle: do i use my trusty old succes agenda (a loose-leaf diary i’ve had for years), start using ical more consistently (because its easy to sync between my iphone and mac) or buy a new one? there are loads of planners to choose from but to be honest, i mostly revert to my succes agenda. it’s a leather one and got damaged over the years; which makes it even prettier! that doesn’t mean i’m not on the look-out for new gems, so i wanted to share these beauties!

diy-planner from 101 woonideeën

i really love this planner from the dutch interior design magazine 101 woonideeën. it’s packed with easy tutorials and beautiful photography, it’s fresh and gets me excited for 2011.

101 woonideeënagenda — 9.95 euro (2 euro discount for magazinesubscribers)

julie joliat agenda 2011

Julie Joliat (a graphic designer currently living in Zurich Switzerland, who also designed the award winning pig 05049 book) designs the most beautiful diaries. this year she came up with a playful one with over 50 connect-the-dots puzzles in there. you might want to be quick since its a limited edition (only 300 copies). make sure to check out her previous editions as well.

update: currently sold out, but a new print run is available in the first week of january.

julie joliat — 19 euro

loose-leaf diary from succes

this is the one i was raving about, i have it in the size junior (pages are 80 x 125 mm) in a plain but beautiful brown color. you can buy the contents seperatly and in different formats. the design is actually quite boring, but i like to make it my own.

succes junior — 13.50 euro

12 month weekly notebook from moleskine

of course i had to include the beautiful and practical 12 month weekly notebook from moleskine. this planner is the hardest one to resist. the 12 month weekly notebook is available in a soft black and red hard cover. it shows a week per spread and you can leave notes or little doodles on the right page. check it out on youtube.

moleskine — 13.50 euro

photo-planner at hema

a lot of shops offer customized photo products, such as calendars and planners. at hema you can choose out of three formats and upload your own photos.

hema — 19.95-26.90 euro

[Z]OO agenda/calenderbook

the people behind [z]oo productions commission a new designer each year. this year they started with something new, a mixture between a book and a diary. its called calendar books. you can order it on their website and also look at some really nice previous editions.

[Z]OO agenda 2011 — 18 euro


back to paper

the back to paper collection from brepols — designing diaries since 1796 — is a very nice designed range of diaries in the sizes: A4, A5 and B7. the design is simple and clear and there’s lots of room for jotting down ideas. i love how the accompanying text says free up space in your head and put down your thoughts on paper, because that is exactly what paper planners are all about.

brepols back to paper - B7: 8.95 euro, A5: 12.90 euro, A4: 14.95 euro

chalkboard planner

what do you think of this monthly chalkboard planner?

ferm living chalkboard planner — 82.50 euro

what are your favourite organizers?