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don’t know of i’ve shown this already, but here’s the man himself… Karel Martens. the dutch profiles channel on youtube is a wonderful source of information on dutch design.


yesterday DutchProfiles uploaded some new videos, so besides enjoying the lovely weather, i’ve spent my afternoon on youtube. the item i was most interested in was the one on Wim Crouwel, where design critic Max Bruinsma (currently also editor in chief of dutch design magazine Items) interviewed the legendary designer.

i can also recommend the item on HEMA. HEMA is a typically dutch department store which in my opinion stimulates young dutch designers with their yearly design competition for students. i can only dream of designing for HEMA one day. i think a lot of the dutch are really fond (and proud) of the department store. if i had to describe dutch culture i would have to include HEMA somewhere. enjoy!

if you’re looking for inspiration then do not look any further. the youtube channel of Dutch Profiles, an initiative of the Dutch Design Fashion Architecture programme, provides tons of inspiration! they’ve interviewed about 40 dutch designers, hopefully more will follow. whether you’re interested in book designer Irma Boom (i for one am), book designer Joost Grootens (read my review on his latest atlas here), type designer Gerard Unger, creator of Miffy Dick Bruna or product designer Hella Jongerius — they’re all on there!

picture above is from the Dutch Profiles interview with designer Dick Bruna