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this week the selection of Best Verzorgde Boeken 2011 (best designed books) got announced. congratulations to all the winners! last year i complained about the poor communication by the organization and this year is no different unfortunately. as soon as i found about the selection i posted them on twitter and facebook but i feel the winners deserve a post on here as well.

i can’t find the jury rapport at this point but i think i’ll have to wait until autumn because that’s when the selection will be exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. the catalog will be published around the same time.

if you’re interested in book judging, the korean magazine GRAPHIC devoted an issue to the phenomenon. you can order it at the GRAPHIC website.

image belongs to Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken

let me start by saying this book is expensive, but wow it does seem worth it! first of all it’s not just one cookbook but there are six volumes packed with beautiful photography, extensive techniques and background information. if you’re a Masterchef fan like many of us are, than this is the real deal.

now, i’m not at all too fond of cookbooks, usually it’s all about photography and the typography is erm… a bit crappy? i don’t know if this book is any different when it comes to typography and overall book design but when i saw this video, i knew it deserved a post here.

just to be clear: i don’t own a copy, i’m not a huge cooking talent and i don’t have the money to buy this but how i would love to just briefly browse through it.

this weeks movietip is a bit different, but i hope you like it anyway. i was having some trouble with WordPress. i got a little frustrated, but this vid cheered me up right away!

The Geometry of Pasta is actually a book about the shapes (well duh) of pasta and how to match your pasta with the right sauce to make great pasta. make sure to check out the accompanying website as well, you will find a fun overview of the different sorts of pasta brought down to black-and-white geometric forms. the pasta illustrations are by Lisa Vandy.

images belong to (via @overheadatmoo)

so i have been a little MIA lately. i’m fine actually but i just kind of lost my blogging mojo. i got really excited about this book though, it’s from a London-based company called Merkse. Merkske publishes ‘original artworks in book form as limited editions of 100, each numbered and signed by the artist’.

i’ve always been fascinated by colour bars, so i guess this is a perfect book for me. just look at this image below, i love it! the book is by artist Tim Head.

image belongs to Merkse

you can order Peripherals at Merkse. 

book Peripherals
artist Tim Head
publisher Merkse
isbn 9781907829024 price £52 (EU delivery)
pages 132 pages, softcover, 200 x 250 mm
paper archival uncoated paper
edition of 100, signed & numbered
text english

printed matter / drukwerk has arrived! i’m going to have a wonderful sunday reading and browsing through this book. i will do a proper post on it soon, but i want to absorb the book first and then show it you guys. it’s going to be hard choosing what i’m going to show.

i think the book is currently on sale at Amazon, so get it while you can!

book printed matter / drukwerk
author Karel Martens, Jaap van Triest, Robin Kinross
design Jaap van Triest, Karel Martens
publisher Hyphen Press
printer Thoben Offset Nijmegen & Johan Holterman, Nijmegen
binder Buchbinderei Hendricks & Lützenkirchen GmbH, Kleve
isbn 9780907259411
price £40, 60 USD
pages 208 pg, 232 × 170 mm, paperback
text english, dutch

today i found out that Phaidon released a book about dutch designer Hella Jongerius called Misfit. the book is published alongside the exhibition Misfit in museum Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam). it was the first time that the complete works of Jongerius were shown in the Netherlands. the exhibition wasn’t classified according to chronology or theme but based on colour and so is the book. the exhibition design could well be based on the book design, i am not entirely clear.

the exhibition gained some unexpected attention when a visitor became ill and fell into a series of porcelain vases.

about the book

the book is designed by dutch graphic designer Irma Boom. the exhibition shows that Jongerius doesn’t look for perfection, hence the title. the book design has the same casual approach. professional photo’s are placed next to everyday snapshots and the book is bound with a simple stitch. the cover is special, because you can create your own design using five electro-static stickers that come with the book. customize away!

Irma Boom was interviewed by Phaidon about the book design, watch the video below.

you can order the book at Phaidon
book Hella Jongerius: Misfit
author Louise Schouwenberg
design Irma Boom
publisher Phaidon 
isbn 9780714859873
price €39,95
pages 308 pg, 255 x 185 mm, 10 x 7 1/4 in, it says hardback?
text english

publisher Uitgeverij Huis Clos comes with a tribute to typographer Leo de Bruin who designed books for publishing house SUN, Nijmegen. several were rewarded in the annual best verzorgde boeken (best designed books) election. in the book authors Eric de Kuyper and Ad de Visser, who worked with De Bruin at SUN, discuss their cooperation and Karel Martens, who was the designer before De Bruin joined SUN, discusses both his personality and work. Henk Hoeks, then editor of SUN, paints a picture of the development of De Bruins typography while design critic Ewan Lentjes places the work in the broader context of the changed role of typography.

tonight (16 february 2011) dutch radio show De Avonden focuses on the monograph by talking to graphic designer Piet Gerards and editor & co-founder of SUN Henk Hoeks. dutch readers can tune in on radio 6 at 22.00 pm.

book Leo de Bruin, typograaf
author Henk Hoeks e.a.
publisher Uitgeverij Huis Clos
isbn 9789079020096
price €19,50
pages 128 pg, 220 x 170 mm, offset
type Bembo
paper Artic Volume
print run 750

i just found out on twitter that there’s a new book out called The Expanding Field of Graphic Design 1900-2020 accompanying the successfull symposium I don’t know where I am going, but I want to be there at Paradiso in december last year. i didn’t get to visit the symposium but since there was a lot of online buzz i figured it was quite a success.

the book describes the graphic field that changed a lot the last few years and has a central position in the modern media landscape. the book introduces the ancestors of the innovators of today and gives directions to where the new dynamic graphic designs in the next decade could develop.

you can order a copy at bis publishers

book The Expanding Field of Graphic Design 1900-2020
author Sophie Krier, Marjolijn Ruyg and Minke Kampman.
publisher BIS Publishers
isbn 9789063692575
price €24
pages 168 pg, 250 x 175 mm, paperback, comes in a slipcase

for those of you who are not following me on twitter: you’re missing out! no, i’m just kidding. i tweeted about this beautiful book by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre that i want to share with you. it is called The ruins of Detroit and shows abandoned places in the city of Detroit.

the once thriving auto industry in Detroit had a hard time and the current recession let to a further exodus from the city. in the book you can see pictures of an old station, a bank, an expensive looking house, what must have been fancy hotels and even an old theater: all of it has been left behind.

the beautiful silenced photographs make me wonder about who used to live there. what happened to them? it’s as if the people just walked away and left everything they had behind. the most striking situation for me is a dentist cabinet. it feels as if the man woke up one day and decided to never go back there again.

image belongs to Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, you can order the book at Steidl

book The ruins of Detroit
author Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, introductions by Robert Polidori and Thomas Sugrue
designer Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre
publisher Steidl
isbn 9783869300429
price €88, £78, $125
pages 230 pg, 380 x 290 mm, clothbound hardcover
text english edition

in the latest issue of items (a dutch magazine about design) there’s an announcement that excites me a lot! a new range of books will explore materials such as paper, wood, glass and stone. the book of paper is the first in the range of book of.. issues by designer and sculptor Oliver Helfrich and photographer Antje Peters. items writes the following ‘the book was made by paper lovers who in the dawn of the digital age write a passionate plea for the material value of paper’. several contributers, such as an origami artist and a biochemist, share their stories. i think it will be an inspirational book with different angles on my favourite material: paper!

order your copy here

book the book of paper
author Oliver Helfrich, Antje Peters
designer Oliver Helfrich
publisher post editions
isbn 9789460830334
price 19.50 euro (nl), 22.50 euro (eu), 25 euro (other)
pages 64 pg, 170 x 240 mm, hardcover
text english