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1. julie joliat 2012 agenda 2. new york agenda taschen 3. back to paper brepols 4. tokyo design agenda 5.  typotheque pocket calendar / sketchbook 6. muji 2012 a5 calendar 7. moleskine weekly calendar 8. calendar for insomniacs 9. poladarium calendar


1. annie leibovitz at work 2. helvetica: homage to a typeface 3. gerrit rietveld 4. steve jobs 5. weaving as metaphor 6. saul bass 7. helvetica and the new york city subway system 8. banksy, wall and piece 9. the ruins of detroit

1. designing books: practice and theory 2. good design = happy world mug 3. folding techniques for designers 4. suck uk cardboard radio 5. wim crouwel tote bag 6. type sketcher scout book 7. foiled wallpaper 8. life’s a pitch 9. karel martens: printed matter

1. custom-made embossing tool, a libris 2. book ends 3. suck uk book rest lamp 4. keep calm & read on poster 5. i like big book and i cannot lie tote bag 6. 50 assorted library cards 7. moleskine passions book journal 8. postcards from penguin 9. tiny tim booklight

1. hungover cookbook 2. postcarden 3. wim crouwel notebook 4. like/dislike stamps 5. the language of things 6. designers i met and liked 7. paper watch 8. 101 things to learn in art school 9. bulls**t button

1. dinner party honours 2. homemade 3. the art of french cooking 4. the silver spoon 5. a is for asparagus plate 6. breakfast, lunch, tea  7. paella 8. coco 9. one mean mustard

1. vintage map notebooks 2. bicycle travel journal 3. swiss card 4. crumble map 5. luxe city guides 6. lonely planet’s best ever travel tips 7. metropolitan world atlas 8. wallpaper city guides 9. moleskine city guide

1. smurf bookends 2. animal alphabet art block 3. press here 4. let’s make some great art 5. 600 black spots 6. i read a book notepad 7. 10 8. where’s wally travel edition 9. young designers kit: notebook

i found even more great stuff, so there might be a second gift guide for the little ones depending on time.

decided to do a few gift guides leading up to christmas, i just like to pick gifts basically :-) some of you might know that i’m dutch and we usually exchange gifts during Sinterklaas, which is a typical dutch tradition. it’s only a few days away… yay! these guides will contain books of course, but i’ve put some other goodies on there as well.

a little preview of what’s to come next week, when i’ll be doing a blogpost on the Roots series. the series pays homage to the roots (hence the name) of the Dutch graphic design culture. i am a strong believer in knowing your history, it helps you to see things in perspective and gives me a great admiration of those who practiced graphic design way before i did. i think i will cover a few copies, mostly those who are interesting for my international readers as well.

is there a copy that you would like to see? please let me know in the comments, so i can take that into account. i would love to hear what you think!