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this week the selection of Best Verzorgde Boeken 2011 (best designed books) got announced. congratulations to all the winners! last year i complained about the poor communication by the organization and this year is no different unfortunately. as soon as i found about the selection i posted them on twitter and facebook but i feel the winners deserve a post on here as well.

i can’t find the jury rapport at this point but i think i’ll have to wait until autumn because that’s when the selection will be exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. the catalog will be published around the same time.

if you’re interested in book judging, the korean magazine GRAPHIC devoted an issue to the phenomenon. you can order it at the GRAPHIC website.

image belongs to Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken

friday i received the wonderful news that designer and typographer Karel Martens is awarded the Gerrit Noordzijprijs. many of you know that i’m a big fan of his work.

he will receive the prize on march 9 from the laureate of 2009, Wim Crouwel. the award ceremony starts at 16.00 pm in the auditorium of the Royal Academy in The Hague.

about Karel Martens

Martens received the prize, named after a type designer Gerrit Noordzij, for his achievements in both typography, teaching and publishing. he designed numerous books and covers for SUN Socialist Publishing Nijmegen, OASE, stamps, coin designs, signage, telephone cards and made typographical experiments. he started teaching in 1977. first at the ArtEZ academy in Arnhem and later at the Jan van Eyck academy in Maastricht. he founded the Werkplaats Typografie, a masters programme typography in Arnhem. In 2009 Martens became guest lecturer at Yale University School of Art for the prestigious graphic design program. Martens was frequently awarded for his work, including the Dr. A.H. Heineken Prize for Art in 1996.

about the Gerrit Noordzij prijs

The Gerrit Noordzijprijs is an initiative of the Master and Media Type of the Royal Academy, organized in collaboration with Museum Meermanno and under the auspices of Dr. P.A. Tiele Foundation. The prize is awarded once every three years. the price was previously awarded to Gerrit Noordzij, Fred Smeijers, Erik Spiekermann, Tobias Frere-Jones and Wim Crouwel.

if you want to know more about Karel Martens, you can watch this interview or read more about his book Counterprint.

Flanders also praises their books with a best designed books election this year (until 2010 known as the Plantin-Moretus price). Flemish designers have until december 1 to register. and those interested can find more information on the new website.

today i have some exciting news for book lovers in the Netherlands. Bijzondere Collecties (Special Collections) of the University of Amsterdam organizes a summerschool from August 22 untill 2 September about the history of the book called Bladgoud (Gold leaf).

Bijzondere Collecties engages in acquisition, preservation, and accessibility of (printed) media in many forms: old books, manuscripts, maps, atlases, prints, photographs etc. they for example keep Irma Boom‘s archives.

as the school takes place during the exhibition Tourist in the Golden Age, Amsterdam for five bucks a day, the seventeenth-century will be featured in many of the program sections. but other topics are covered as well. there will be guided tours, a printing press demonstration and a lecture in an outdoor zoo with musical accompaniment. participants can choose from an à la carte program. you can download the full schedule here.

image belongs to Bijzondere Collecties

from july 9 to october 23 there is an exhibition called ‘Pop-up! Special and movable books in Museum Meermanno’. it’s a one of the two exhibitions about the pop-up book in the Netherlands this summer.

i’m not too familiar with pop-up books. obviously i know the famous ABC3D book by french artist Marion Bataille and a few childrens books i used to play with, but did you know that even Andy Warhol had a pop-up in his Index book?

Andy Warhol, 'Index book', 1967. Caldic Collectie Rotterdam. image belongs to Museum Meermanno

i surely didn’t and i think it’s fascinating that there are two exhibitions about the pop-up book alone. to me it’s a completely unexplored area. hope to visit at least one of the exhibitions.

Museum Meermanno

the exhibition in Museum Meermanno explores the early pop-up books from the 15th to the 18th century and shows anatomical atlases and astronomical works and playbooks in many forms. the other one is at the Veluws Museum Nairac in Barneveld (a town in the east of the Netherlands) and they feature pop-up books of the twentieth century. at this point pop up books reached an unprecedented popularity when fairy tales, animals, architecture, cartoon characters and celebrities like Elvis Presley came to life in 3d structures.

for a little preview watch this movieclip (excuse the horrid typography) below.

i just now found out about the ‘60 years of book design in St. Gallen’ exhibition that is currently going on at the AIGA National Design Center in New York. the exhibition runs until July 22. unfortunately i will not be able to visit, but if you do please share your thoughts and photos.

the exhibition shows a look back upon 60 years of book design in St. Gallen, Switzerland. From the AIGA website ‘featuring award-winning books by internationally renowned designer and master teacher Jost Hochuli, the groundbreaking typographic work of Rudolf Hostettler (editor of Typografische Monatsblätter from 1951 through 1981), and examples from a young, experiment-oriented generation of book designers rooted in St. Gallen, this exhibition shines a light on the cross-generational traditions of book design and typography in Swiss workshops.’

you will find the AIGA National Design Center at 164 Fifth Avenue (between 21st and 22nd Streets) in New York. the exhibition is open from monday through thursday 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. and on friday 11:00 a.m–5:00 p.m.

image belongs to AIGA

i’m excited about the results of the annual Best Verzorgde Boeken (best designed books) election here in the Netherlands. the results are expected to be published tomorrow! this election shows the current state of dutch book design, if there is one. it’s an exciting day for designers who entered, because in addition to lifelong fame in the book world :-) the design will also be entered in the international book judging Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt in Leipzig.

hopefully there will be a new catalog as well. last year’s catalog was designed by Hansje van Halem. she blogged about her design and included some nice pictures of the book. the catalog is always very informative (especially for designers) because of the extra information, like what paper was used, who printed the book etc.

there’s also an international travelling exhibition with the selected books. last year the exhibition went to Leipzig, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Vienna and several dutch cities. more info to come!

cover of the 2009 catalog, designed by Hansje van Halem

the London design museum celebrates the career of dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel with a three-month exhibition called Wim Crouwel, a graphic odyssey. the exhibition will cover Crouwel’s key moments in his career and the new modernity he preached. the exhibition highlights his ‘rigorous design approach exploring his innovative use of grid-based layouts and typographic systems to produce consistently striking asymmetric visuals.’ read more about his work at

picture below belongs to

Wim Crouwel, a graphic odyssey / 30 march 2011 – 03 july 2011 / London design museum

if you’re currently in The Hague region, you should visit Museum Meermanno. at the moment there is an ongoing exhibition about the ideal book. on 30 january they are hosting a workshop to complement the exhibition. it starts at three o’clock in the afternoon. speakers include:

editor/designer Françoise Berserik
printer and (ex-) auctioneers Bubb Kuyper
bookbinder Pau Groenendijk

reservations can be made via indicating your name and date of activity.

the Dutch National Library and Museum Meermanno, two major forces in the preservation of Dutch book design, jointly organized the exhibition The Ideal Book. the exhibition runs from 20 november up until 20 february 2011 and shows an overview of books that emerged from private presses over the past hundred years.

following the typographical change deployed by William Morris of the english Kelmscott Press, people started printing small editions of books in search of their ideal book. the extensive exhibition shows hundreds of books from the early examples and special prints produced during the second world war to digitally-produced books of today. visitors can browse through sixty books — which is rather exceptional given the fragile nature of a book. you can visit Museum Meermanno in The Hague.

along with the exhibition The ideal book. Private Presses in the Netherlands, 1910-2010 was released, which you can order at the Vantilt publishers.

book The ideal book. Private Presses in the Netherlands, 1910-2010
author Paul van Capelleveen, Clemens de Wolf
publisher Vantilt, Nijmegen
isbn 9789460040603
price 34.95 euro
pages 245 x 315 mm, illustrated in colour
text dutch & english