to kick of children’s book week, i will show you a project from italian artist and designer Bruno Munari. unfortunately he passed away in 1998, but he left a great legacy.

Munari was a big believer in basis story lines and a humorous twist stories. he ‘did not believe in the inherent value of fantastical stories of princes and princesses, or dragons and monsters; instead, he wanted to create simple stories about people, animals, and plants that awaken the senses.’ Munari wrote nine children’s books as well as pre-books who stimulated a love of reading in pre-literate minds.

Munari was awardwinning designer, recognized by the Bologna Fair for the childhood in 1984 and Lego in 1986. In 1974 he won an award for Best Children’s Author.


the ABC-book above is what inspired me to initially take a look into mister Munari’s work. the books shows the letters of the alphabet and uses letter rhymes such as ‘a banana and a book’ or ‘a watermelon on a wagon with a wooden wheel’ to stimulate children’s minds. it is also richly illustrated. it’s a beautiful book for pre-literate children to get to know language and the alphabet in playful manner.

you can order ABC at, image are also from Corraini.

(via superradnow)