today’s movie tip is a short documentary by designer couple Charles and Ray Eames called the Powers of Ten. the film is based on the principle of magnitudes, zooming out of earth with a speed of a power of ten every ten seconds. the documentary was released in 1977 and is based on the 1957 book Cosmic View by Kees Boeke. the movie is a brilliant way of understanding exponential growth and seeing the relative size of things. the Eames office celebrates Powers of Ten Day every year on october 10 (they released the online streaming of Powers of Ten on 10/10/10). if you haven’t seen this film before you’re in for a treat!

charles and ray eames

Charles and his wife Ray Eames were american designers, who worked in several design disciplines such as architecture, furniture, graphic and industrial design, fine art and film. ‘their cinematic work was an outlet for ideas, a vehicle for experimentation and education. the couple often produced short films in order to document their interests, such as collecting toys and cultural artifacts on their travels.’ the Eames office has its own blog, which you can visit here.