today i have some exciting news for book lovers in the Netherlands. Bijzondere Collecties (Special Collections) of the University of Amsterdam organizes a summerschool from August 22 untill 2 September about the history of the book called Bladgoud (Gold leaf).

Bijzondere Collecties engages in acquisition, preservation, and accessibility of (printed) media in many forms: old books, manuscripts, maps, atlases, prints, photographs etc. they for example keep Irma Boom‘s archives.

as the school takes place during the exhibition Tourist in the Golden Age, Amsterdam for five bucks a day, the seventeenth-century will be featured in many of the program sections. but other topics are covered as well. there will be guided tours, a printing press demonstration and a lecture in an outdoor zoo with musical accompaniment. participants can choose from an à la carte program. you can download the full schedule here.

image belongs to Bijzondere Collecties