from july 9 to october 23 there is an exhibition called ‘Pop-up! Special and movable books in Museum Meermanno’. it’s a one of the two exhibitions about the pop-up book in the Netherlands this summer.

i’m not too familiar with pop-up books. obviously i know the famous ABC3D book by french artist Marion Bataille and a few childrens books i used to play with, but did you know that even Andy Warhol had a pop-up in his Index book?

Andy Warhol, 'Index book', 1967. Caldic Collectie Rotterdam. image belongs to Museum Meermanno

i surely didn’t and i think it’s fascinating that there are two exhibitions about the pop-up book alone. to me it’s a completely unexplored area. hope to visit at least one of the exhibitions.

Museum Meermanno

the exhibition in Museum Meermanno explores the early pop-up books from the 15th to the 18th century and shows anatomical atlases and astronomical works and playbooks in many forms. the other one is at the Veluws Museum Nairac in Barneveld (a town in the east of the Netherlands) and they feature pop-up books of the twentieth century. at this point pop up books reached an unprecedented popularity when fairy tales, animals, architecture, cartoon characters and celebrities like Elvis Presley came to life in 3d structures.

for a little preview watch this movieclip (excuse the horrid typography) below.