so i have been a little MIA lately. i’m fine actually but i just kind of lost my blogging mojo. i got really excited about this book though, it’s from a London-based company called Merkse. Merkske publishes ‘original artworks in book form as limited editions of 100, each numbered and signed by the artist’.

i’ve always been fascinated by colour bars, so i guess this is a perfect book for me. just look at this image below, i love it! the book is by artist Tim Head.

image belongs to Merkse

you can order Peripherals at Merkse. 

book Peripherals
artist Tim Head
publisher Merkse
isbn 9781907829024 price £52 (EU delivery)
pages 132 pages, softcover, 200 x 250 mm
paper archival uncoated paper
edition of 100, signed & numbered
text english