just found out about this great blog by Erik Heywood where he writes about books, bookshelves, bookstores and libraries. i thought it might be interesting for you to check out.

today i also tweeted about this new chair called Hidden Light by Giha Woo today, Woo is a South Korean product designer. it’s nice to browse through his projects, because he designed some mighty clever products.

and i also wanted to show you this bookshelves tumblr, which has a crazy amount of bookshelves on there! if you want to change your home and are looking for a place to store your books then do not look any further. a little warning though, i had to stop myself from clicking every single image. oh and by the way, isn’t this pic every book lovers dream?

by now if you’re still craving bookshelves, you should check out bookshelfporn.com.