if you have a night off, i have the perfect movie tip for you: a two hour lecture of Irma Boom at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. by now you should know i am a big fan of Irma Boom‘s work, she is just such an inspirational designer.

during her talk she shows some of her (awardwinning) books from the beginning of her career to more recent works. Boom is being very honest, talking about her own mistakes and the regular trials and tribulations of designing books.

what i love about her books is that they always have surprises you’ll come across along the way. i always wonder, is this a coincidence or did she really design it this way? but she definitely did. i also love that she uses unusual techniques and pushes the boundaries of book design. if i had to compare her to other designers, i feel i would compare her to product designers rather than graphic designers, because of the way she approaches every project.

in this video she talks a lot about narratives and editorial design, enjoy!