last week i promised i would cover the Roots series. to learn a bit more about the series you can check out my latest post. it did take a little time, because apparently i am the worst photographer in the world, so i had to edit the shit out of these images. not that you can tell but yeah..

i’m going to start of with the famous dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel (if you’re in London and you haven’t been to the exhibition in the Design Museum, you should definitely go, it runs until july 3).

the Wim Crouwel copy isn’t actually my favourite. not because i don’t like Wim Crouwel, but it’s a bit on the thin side. well, i guess they’re all pretty thin.. this one just doesn’t have a lot of information or pictures in it. in the introduction it says that that’s because a lot has been written about him, which is true —but it still is a bit of a letdown.

the image above shows work of Crouwel for the Van Abbemuseum (1957 / 1958) in Eindhoven and the right page shows work for Stedelijk Museum (1967 / 1969) in Amsterdam. Crouwel is a modernist and was a great believer in a consistent identity for the museum, the museum and not the artist had to come first. he didn’t like ornamentation or populist features. in Amsterdam Crouwel followed the director and designer Willem Sandberg. their design styles could not have formed a greater contrast.

in 1963 he and Paul and Dick Schwarz, Benno Wissing and Friso Kramer founded the first major design studio in the Netherland called Total Design because they felt that many large clients outsourced their jobs to other countries. Total Design worked for numerous big clients. the book TD 63-73 is about Total Design and its pioneering role in graphic design. you can order it at Nijhof & Lee or read more about it on Creative Review.

if you want to see more of Crouwels’ work you should visit this great site called (memory of the Netherlands) and if you want to read more about Wim Crouwel i suggest reading

you can order the book at [z]oo producties

book Wim Crouwel
author Paul Mertz
design vanRixtelvanderPut ontwerpers
cover photo Aatjan Renders
publisher [z]oo producties
printer Greve offset
isbn 9789074009560
price €5 (comes only in a pack of three)
pages 16 pages, 168 x 240 mm
binding method stapling
text dutch