do you want to know how the extraordinary book Tree of Codes was printed? i thought i did a post on this project by Jonathan Safran Foer, but i guess i just tweeted about it. it’s a very interesting publication that i haven’t managed to get my hands on yet. you can order it online via Visual Editions. make sure to check out the lovely video they made from reactions of the public. the book was designed by Sara de Bondt.

printing by Die Keure

i have to give some extra credit for the printer, who did such an amazing job! a printer always plays a essential role in book production, but in this case the book would not be here if it wasn’t for Die Keure. Visual Editions got turned down by every printer they approached. luckily there are still printers who want to take a risk and be part of such an unique project.

check out the production process in this video below.

video belongs to Visual Editions