okay, so i promised a would do a study book series and here’s the next in line. it’s not actually a study book but it’s very informative. i’m talking about Handboek voor het opzetten van een ontwerppraktijk (manual for setting up a design practice).

about the book

the book is very practical and easy to read. it’s perfect for designers who are starting their own business. unlike other books that focus on emerging entrepreneurs this guide focusses on design practises and the information can be applied directly. the book comes with useful examples, model contracts and terms and conditions. the author of the book is Kitty de Jong from the association of dutch designers. i have to compliment the author for using pleasant and understandable language which make the book easy to read. that is something that other business authors can learn from.

about the design

the design of the book isn’t very exciting. a missed opportunity in my opinion especially given the fact that the readers are designers, but i can however definitely recommend the book.

you can order the book at bis publishers

book Handboek voor het opzetten van een ontwerppraktijk
author Kitty de Jong and others (BNO)
design The Stone Twins
publisher BIS Publishers
isbn 9789063691936
price €29,90
pages 152 pages, 238 x 170 mm, hardcover
text dutch