what i loved about art academy is the books my teachers recommended. i want to try the same by mentioning books that were helpful to me during my studies. i'll put them in the category study book on this blog. lame category title, i know.

i’m starting out with Letters – Monografieën over vormgeving (lettersmonographs on design) by [Z]OO producties and Veenman drukkers. the book is part of a series to gather and preserve knowledge and make it accessible to a broad audience. the book comes in a manageable size and is printed on Keaykolour and Freelife vellum paper. i’m not familiar with both papers but they’re lovely. the paper, a kind of novel paper, is perfectly chosen for this textbook and you’ll enjoy it while reading.

the authors include respected typographers and type designers such as Bram de Does (designer of Lexicon and Trinité), Gerard Unger (designed the worlds most economic type Gulliver), Evert Bloemsma (creator of the lovely Balance typeface, not everybody’s cup of tea though), Martin Majoor (you might know his Scala that’s used on ilovetypography.com), Fred Smeijers and Lucas de Groot. the whole book is nicely designed and every chapter has sort of it’s own feel. the chapter by Martin Majoor about microtypography (quotation marks, numbers, use of small caps, spacing and kerning, stripes and lines) is very concrete and a must-read for every graphic design student. unfortunately the text is in dutch and i can’t seem to find any translations. if you do, please let me know in the comments below!

you can order a copy at [Z]OO producties

book Letters – Monografieën over vormgeving
author Robert van Rixtel, Wim Westerveld
design Wim Westerveld & Maaike van Keimpena – neon, Amsterdam
publisher [Z]OO producties
printer Veenman drukkers
isbn 9074009263
price €22
pages 232 pg, 165 x 235 mm, softcover
type TEFF Renard
paper Keaykolour & Freelife vellum