found this video of dutch book designer Irma Boom at the COLOUR IN TIME symposium that took place on 14 october 2010 in Amsterdam. the event was organized by the studium generale of ArtEZ art academy. several artists and designers were invited to discuss the changing role and significance of colour in design, architecture, fashion, art, film, photography and other creative disciplines.

i always find it funny to hear how a book that’s now considered to be a good design, was received at the time. Irma Boom tells about a book that she designed and that was given to designers as a gift. they had to tear open the pages, but they didn’t understand that, even though it was indicated several times. they all sent it back, she now jokes about it saying ‘designers don’t read’. the book was eventually sold in the Amsterdam bookstore Nijhof & Lee, where many international customers bought the book.