it’s time i wrote a post about an informative (and sometimes lifesaving) book by typographer Karel F. Treebus called Tekstwijzer that i’ve mentioned before. it’s in dutch only, so i apologize to my international readers.

Tekstwijzer was once recommended by my typography teacher and i’m glad he did. the book was originally published in 1982, so it’s outdated but very informative nevertheless. Treebus mentiones old printing techniques and other stuff that we don’t have to deal with anymore, but even those texts provide lots of information for designers today. i think there are newer editions, but i have the old one and it works just fine.

what i find especially useful is the very comprehensive register. sometimes i have doubts about a typographic issue and i immediately grab Tekstwijzer. i usually find an answer. i doubt that you can order a new copy, but you can get the book second-hand. the best money i’ve ever spent!

which books on typography do you recommend? please comment below!

the design of the book is rather dull (effective though!) so i didn't include images. i'll only show this (horrid picture, sorry!) image, so you can recognize the book easily.

book Tekstwijzer
author Karel F. Treebus
publisher Sdu Uitgeverij
isbn 9012081653
price varies (second-hand)
pages 269 pg, 270 mm