publisher Uitgeverij Huis Clos comes with a tribute to typographer Leo de Bruin who designed books for publishing house SUN, Nijmegen. several were rewarded in the annual best verzorgde boeken (best designed books) election. in the book authors Eric de Kuyper and Ad de Visser, who worked with De Bruin at SUN, discuss their cooperation and Karel Martens, who was the designer before De Bruin joined SUN, discusses both his personality and work. Henk Hoeks, then editor of SUN, paints a picture of the development of De Bruins typography while design critic Ewan Lentjes places the work in the broader context of the changed role of typography.

tonight (16 february 2011) dutch radio show De Avonden focuses on the monograph by talking to graphic designer Piet Gerards and editor & co-founder of SUN Henk Hoeks. dutch readers can tune in on radio 6 at 22.00 pm.

book Leo de Bruin, typograaf
author Henk Hoeks e.a.
publisher Uitgeverij Huis Clos
isbn 9789079020096
price €19,50
pages 128 pg, 220 x 170 mm, offset
type Bembo
paper Artic Volume
print run 750