random post but i just wanted to share the website of Antenne Books. Antenne Books is a London-based distributor of artist’s books and zines that i got to know via twitter. they sell interesting and beautifully designed books, so i obviously added them to the book shop list.

i visited their website and became so excited! this is exactly how books should be shown online! they made a little movie for every book, so you can browse through them as if you were actually browsing in a store. ok, you can’t smell the book nor feel it, but it’s as close to the real thing as possible. you know when you order a book online and you receive a small package thinking this certainly can’t be the book i ordered, only to find out it is? that won’t happen with Antenne Books. lovely website!

yes i was browing through several books at the same time, i should also embrace the digital age lol. again please let me know if you miss good book shops, i want to make the book shop list as complete as possible.