i just found out on twitter that there’s a new book out called The Expanding Field of Graphic Design 1900-2020 accompanying the successfull symposium I don’t know where I am going, but I want to be there at Paradiso in december last year. i didn’t get to visit the symposium but since there was a lot of online buzz i figured it was quite a success.

the book describes the graphic field that changed a lot the last few years and has a central position in the modern media landscape. the book introduces the ancestors of the innovators of today and gives directions to where the new dynamic graphic designs in the next decade could develop.

you can order a copy at bis publishers

book The Expanding Field of Graphic Design 1900-2020
author Sophie Krier, Marjolijn Ruyg and Minke Kampman.
publisher BIS Publishers
isbn 9789063692575
price €24
pages 168 pg, 250 x 175 mm, paperback, comes in a slipcase