this week’s movie tip is about street art and the legendary Banksy. if you are not familiar with his work google him and you’ll be amazed. what seems to be a documentary about street artists (or Banksy for that matter) turns into a critical documentary about contemporary art.

the story begins with a poor wretch named Thierry Guetta, who sells vintage fashion and loves to film everything. his cousin introduces him to the street art scene. Thierry then starts filming street artists and meets Banksy along the way. in the movie Thierry gets to film Banksy at work, which i presume is every filmmakers dream. when Banksy tells Guetta to edit his numerous tapes, he fails. Banksy starts making his own documentary and tells the depressed Guetta to become an street artist himself. Thierry Guetta immediately starts off big by organizing major exhibitions and creating a lot of publicity. he lets his staff make arbitrary images by combining extremes that appear to arise without a single thought. art critics are madly in love with this new artist and Mr. Brainwash becomes the next big thing in art.

Exit Through The Gift Shop leaves you full of questions. is Mr. Brainwash a naive enthusiast or is he a character invented by Banksy? probably the latter, but that remains vague in the film.