the Dutch National Library and Museum Meermanno, two major forces in the preservation of Dutch book design, jointly organized the exhibition The Ideal Book. the exhibition runs from 20 november up until 20 february 2011 and shows an overview of books that emerged from private presses over the past hundred years.

following the typographical change deployed by William Morris of the english Kelmscott Press, people started printing small editions of books in search of their ideal book. the extensive exhibition shows hundreds of books from the early examples and special prints produced during the second world war to digitally-produced books of today. visitors can browse through sixty books — which is rather exceptional given the fragile nature of a book. you can visit Museum Meermanno in The Hague.

along with the exhibition The ideal book. Private Presses in the Netherlands, 1910-2010 was released, which you can order at the Vantilt publishers.

book The ideal book. Private Presses in the Netherlands, 1910-2010
author Paul van Capelleveen, Clemens de Wolf
publisher Vantilt, Nijmegen
isbn 9789460040603
price 34.95 euro
pages 245 x 315 mm, illustrated in colour
text dutch & english