do you have plans for the new year? since i’ve only started blogging recently, i have plenty of new resolutions! i made a list below, so you know what to expect from me next year.

  1. take better pictures. i’ve been struggeling with this. i want to show you pictures of books, but i can’t seem to find the right light. i will try to get some better shots but bear with me until then.
  2. improve my english. i’m quite disappointed about my language skills but hey, practise makes perfect. for now Google Translate is my friend!
  3. write more internationally oriented articles. i think this will happen automatically, since i’ll find more international books and designers. if have suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.
  4. start vlogging. i really feel books are designed to browse through and i wouldn’t be doing them justice if i only show little bits in pictures. i have no experience with vlogging whatsoever, so it should be interesting.
  5. visit exhibitions. i’m excited to visit more exhibitions, hopefully abroad as well.

so am i gonna get this done? only time will tell! i hope you are still with me next year to see if i kept mine. what are your resolutions for 2011?