in the latest issue of items (a dutch magazine about design) there’s an announcement that excites me a lot! a new range of books will explore materials such as paper, wood, glass and stone. the book of paper is the first in the range of book of.. issues by designer and sculptor Oliver Helfrich and photographer Antje Peters. items writes the following ‘the book was made by paper lovers who in the dawn of the digital age write a passionate plea for the material value of paper’. several contributers, such as an origami artist and a biochemist, share their stories. i think it will be an inspirational book with different angles on my favourite material: paper!

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book the book of paper
author Oliver Helfrich, Antje Peters
designer Oliver Helfrich
publisher post editions
isbn 9789460830334
price 19.50 euro (nl), 22.50 euro (eu), 25 euro (other)
pages 64 pg, 170 x 240 mm, hardcover
text english