de kijk van Kessels (Kessels’ vision) is a portrait of Erik Kessels, co-founder of the quirky advertising agency KesselsKramer and passionate photo collector. last week i wrote about his new book Brussels Beauties. this is the last time i mention him for a while now, i feel like a bit of a stalker ;-)

watching is something other than consuming

the documentary lets you see through Kessels perspective, who criticizes the advertising world saying they ‘still think a consumer is a moron’ and challenges people to see different perspectives instead of misleading them with fake promises. he is a true spectator who brings out stories that remain hidden for others and rightly notes that ‘watching is something other than consuming’.

in almost every picture #7

in the documentary you see him get to meet Ria van Dijk, a dutch woman with an unusual photo collection: photos of her visiting the annual fair and taking part in a shooting gallery. she started back in 1936 when she was only 16 years old. you watch her evolve and see the times changing — there’s even a gap during the second world war. photography itself also changes: from black and white to color. her photo collection eventually let to in almost every picture #7.

the documentary is definitely worthwhile, unfortunately only available in dutch.

you can order in almost every picture #7 at KesselsKramer Publishing