Erik Kessels (co-founder of advertising agency KesselsKramer) is an passionate collector of photo albums. he visits markets and waste sites and brings them into a huge warehouse. the stories are often intriguing and can be read in different ways. KesselsKramer Publishing released a new book called Brussels Beauties. following Bangkok Beauties and Bombay Beauties, this is the third book in the found photography series collecting photos about beauty from all over the world. they describe the little belgian girl as ‘a mini Mona Lisa, she seems alternately sadly happy, and happily sad, a strangely complex and mature set of emotions for one of her years’.

i’m still debating if i’m going to order this book or the in almost every picture series #7, which is equally fascinating. if you don’t know the book, make sure to visit their website.

you can order the book at KesselsKramer Publishing.

Brussels Beauties
13 euro - print run 500
isbn 978 90 70478 33 9