are you familiar with The art of the title sequence? if not — its a nice website showing film title design from around the world. yes, i’m continuing the movie tips (comment below if you have one for me. as i mentioned before, movie tips isn’t just about 90 min-movies, it could be anything really.)

het klokhuis

browsing through the website i stumpled upon a stop-motion for Het Klokhuis (the apple core). Het Klokhuis is a dutch childrens tv show about science. i loved to watch that show when i was a child! too bad i don’t get to see it anymore, i bet i’m still fascinated with it. it really challenges kids to learn and understand new things.

The art of the title sequence features an interview with Johnny Kelly who designed their opening title. it was based on the logo design by Christian Borstlap from dutch agency KesselsKramer. the interview shows the whole process, from the initial logo sketches to building the props and turning it into the actual stop-motion (you have to click to the picture collage to watch it). it’s definitely worth a look, the entire site is! 

if you have a movie tip for me, please let me know!