browsing through freshly printed books or finding an old classic… visiting bookstores is what i love to do. i figured a list of good shops who either focus on beautiful designed books or sell books on graphic and book design would be useful. it is just a simple list of adresses and has its own page, which you can find at the top of this blog. the list consists of actual stores and online shops — since there’s just no way i can visit them all over the world.

at this point its only filled with dutch stores, that’s why i need your help! i’m inviting you to add book shops onto the list. i’d love to discover new book shops (also dutch ones of course!), so please send them in! leave a comment below or send me a mail.

this incredible bookstore inside a former dominican church in Maastricht is designed by dutch architects Merkx + Girod. i'll definitely have to visit that shop when i'm in Maastricht!