i’m sure a lot of people are making their christmas wishlists at the moment, but in holland it’s all about sinterklaas now. when he comes to visits us on december 5 (we call this pakjesavond) he brings us presents and candy like pepernoten. in honour of sinterklaas and christmas i decided to make a gift guide with some pretty things.


for anyone who is experiencing a financial setback, there are lots of diy-tutorials on the web. i selected these two:

  1. create cute heartshaped-bookmarks from a simple paperclip (from how about orange)
  2. make this personal accordion gallery with your own photos (from martha stewart)


one of the books that is on the top of my wishlist is Data flow 2. Data flow 2 is a book on data visualization which shows both functional visuals as well as artistic examples. it is loaded with visual inspiration and shows output in all kinds of forms such as posters, sculptures and installations. in my opinion data visualization will play a huge role in the near future, especially on the internet. check out what David McCandless said about the beauty of data visualization at TED if you’re interested in this. this book shows how versatile data visuals can be. [the typography i don’t get though.] get it here.

okay, so i’m cheating a bit here. a Moleskine passions journal is not really book, but it is a great gift for somebody with a cooking, wine, film, music, wellness or book (get it?) passion.

another favourite is Sheila Hicks: Weaving as Metaphor designed by dutch designer Irma Boom. Irma Boom is known to consider a book as an object, you could call her a book architect in a way. this book is about Sheila Hicks woven textile pieces. Irma Boom made a beautiful reference to her work by cutting the page edges in a irregular, textured way — which has a very nice feel to it. The cover is embossed with an woven texture, possibly one of Hicks pieces. Irma Boom won gold medal for this book at the Leipzig best bookdesign from all over the world competition in 2007.

update: so i just found out about this wonderful typeface memory game from bis publishers. a perfect gift for those typo-nerds out there! the game includes 25 variations of the letter a in different fonts. players have to find the matching a‘s in the same font. it would be nice to have it as an introduction on typography (for instance at art school)!